Surfing Spain’s Basque Country And Why I Absolutely Loved It

For my summer holidays, I spent quite some time conducting research about where to travel for an active holiday in addition to some interesting landmarks to visit. One day, my friend asked me whether I wanted to go surfing to Spain, and I thought that was actually pretty cool so I started to consider it, even though I never surfed up to that point. Just after a day of thought, I applied for the trip.

We began our way in Ljubljana and traveled by bus through Italy and Southern France. After 22 hours on the road, we arrived at Zarautz, a well-known surfing destination in Spain. It is located in the Basque country, which is an autonomous community with a distinct Basque language.


We stayed at the local camp, which was a bit elevated from the beach. To say a bit, I mean four-hundred steps elevated :D, which was quite a workout, especially when you had to carry the large beginner surfboard with. But after a few days, we got used to it, and it was no longer a problem.

For four days, the camp team organized surf lessons, where we learned the basics of surfing – paddling, catching the wave and popping-up. The lessons were a lot of fun, as we constantly fell off the board or were hit by a breaking wave. The sea bottom was sand, so it was quite safe to roll under the turning force of water above, which happened pretty often in the first few days as we were just getting comfortable in the water.

After the lessons, we could stay at the beach and continue to learn. For a few days, we stayed and surfed the entire day. And interestingly, when surfing, you somehow forget about hunger and can stay in the water for hours. And as soon as you stop surfing and return to the camp, you’re hungry the whole time and can sleep for hours.

I learned to surf really quickly, as I stood on the surf the very first day :). At first, I had a lot of fun riding the foam from already broken waves, which is great for learning and easy to ride. But in the next days, my balance got better and I learned how to catch a real wave from the surf line-up by paddling. By the end of the holiday, I could also pump the board to gain speed and turn a little. However, I’m eager to learn more and can’t wait to go surfing again.


Besides surfing, we visited a nearby city, San Sebastian. I already knew about it from my watching cycling, as it is famous for a bicycle race Clasica de San Sebastian. We traveled there by train and stayed for an entire day. The city features stunning architecture – The City Hall and the Cathedral, and is full of great restaurants and various surf shops. The city has a beautiful coast – La Concha Bay, with an island in the middle.

San Sebastian

For our second city trip, we rode a bus to Bilbao, which is known for its modern architecture and the Guggenheim museum. We visited a local restaurant and had a walk around the city, during which our friends visited the Guggenheim. I and my friend also entered the Iberdrola Tower – a business skyscraper and the highest building in Bilbao with a height of 165 m, and got politely kicked out :D. On the way back to the bus station, we also glanced at the beautiful parks of Bilbao.


After the trip, we returned to the camp and the daily surf schedule, which was the most exciting for me. The surfing holiday was quickly over and we had to say goodbye. I hope I visit again soon and catch some waves! 😀

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