Milk first, then cereal

In the previous blog-posts, I wrote about serious global issues, so I decided for something a bit more silly, and yet important for this post. I chose a habit, something most of us do every single day – eating cereal, and what we do first in order to prepare it: pour the milk or the cereal first. I have to admit that I am a milk-first type of person myself, as the title suggests. And despite my attempt to write as objectively as humanly possible most of the time, I have to warn you this time, as this article might be a subject to my personal beliefs (a subject to subjectivity, great :D).

Pouring milk first

The whole milk or cereal first debate started during an argument with a friend who does right the opposite, pouring the cereal first. The arguing began and to be honest, we both had some pretty fair claims why each method was better than the other. At the end of the debate, we still weren’t content with our decision about which method was best so we did an Instagram poll asking people what they do first. Our quasi-scientific research method with a sample size of about 50 social media users gave us a deeper insight into the habits of people who eat cereal.

Instagram poll

57% (almost 29 out of 50 participants) reported pouring cereal first. Honestly, the findings surprised me, as I was pretty sure most people did the same as I did. That certainly wasn’t the case, and from the response of people who participated in this poll, I concluded that our society was torn apart in how we eat our cereal. Doing further research, I realized that there is an entire internet community who is devoted to pouring cereal first, and an opposite minded community as well. In fact, I found a similar WordPress article with a poll of above three hundred participants, which reports 59% pouring cereal first, which is surprisingly similar to our findings.

Honestly, it’s not my job to tell anyone how to prepare their morning meal, but at the same time, I find it reasonable to prepare it in the way that makes the most sense in a physical manner, as well as economical. That’s why I have prepared a few reasons why you should pour milk first, and be a winner at cereal, as well as a winner at life.

Nesquik cereal box
  • You know exactly how much milk you are adding
  • You can heat up the milk beforehand if you choose to do so without heating up the cereal, and furthermore, use fewer dishes if you’re using a microwave
  • Warm milk is a must if you are preparing a cereal meal for a child
  • Pouring milk first will make cereal float on top, which makes it easily accessible by a spoon
  • If your cereal contains iron, you can witness the phenomena of magnetism, where pieces of cereal adhere to each other and form various shapes of cereal clusters
  • Adding cereal one step at a time keeps cereal crunchy
  • It helps you conserve cereal
  • Most cereal boxes visually advertise pouring milk after the cereal in order to sell more, and you can avoid big cereal corporations subconsciously telling you what to do (see Nesquik cereal box)
  • You can drink the milk afterward or even reuse it if necessary

The only acceptable case for pouring cereal first I could think of would be for people who lack experience with cereal, in order to avoid pouring too much cereal into the milk, which they couldn’t return to the box after it came in contact with the milk. Yes, it has happened to me before, but nowadays I don’t concern myself with such issues anymore.

I hope you find your cereal wisdom in this article, and perhaps question your cereal habits. And at the end of the day, don’t worry too much, as the majority of cereal consumers pours the cereal first anyway.

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