The past, present and future of this blog

With sixteen published posts on my website – M. Breznik’s Blog, this one being the seventeenth, I think it’s important to stop for a minute, and have a look from a different perspective. Instead of just writing any other post, I decided to take a step back, and maybe actually make a bit of a plan.

I know I’m not far enough to talk about history😅, but I think I can talk a little about how this blog came to be anyway. It all started last summer, just when I returned back from a surfing trip with friends, and immediately felt the need to return back to the beach, the waves, and everything that came with it. Short on money, I decided to relive the whole experience in the most cliche way possible, by writing a travel blog – Surfing Spain’s Basque Country And Why I Absolutely Loved It.

Surfing Spain

The writing wasn’t tough as I decided one full page of size-eleven Arial writing would get the job done (which is still my go-to rule for writing a post🙂). And when I had it all written, I decided to post in on WordPress – which I first encountered in Martin Verbič’s blog, who wrote about traveling to the USA a while back, probably before I even knew about blogging.

That was my first post, and it all just happened from there. I kept on writing, and the first post I actually shared with my friends was about me climbing Triglav, something I always wanted to do, and I thought it would be cool to share the experience. The next post which I didn’t share, but was, and still is, very popular, was about light pollution, and how it will continue to affect us in different ways. That was also the time I realized that the blog could actually be used for excerpts which are, in fact important.

Climbing Triglav

One of the main reasons for starting and continuing to write this blog is because a ton of things interest me and I wanted to find which one actually interested me the most. We’re always told that we have to focus on a single one or just a few things if we want to be successful. I don’t believe that, and I think it’s always beneficial if you’re a jack of all trades (and not😂) a master at none.

And after this many posts, I’m starting to see a pattern of what I write about the most, and that’s what I would like to write about more. Just by looking at categories of the articles, there are a few prevailing groups – design, sports, lifestyle and a few others. Does that mean that I will focus on them only from now on? Honestly, I don’t think so – simply because I believe that the very best post is the one you want to write and not the one you have to.

Early website design

If the mentioned categories continue to interest me, and if I won’t run out of stuff to talk about in those categories, then yes, I will continue to write about them. However, that shouldn’t keep me from occasionally touching on a completely different subject, which I think is great practice to keep the spirit going.

Another thing I want to focus on more is Bring Three, which is by far the most popular thing on my blog and continues to grow its audience. I never thought an interview series in English, where each guest brings three things (as the title suggests) would spark such interest, especially in Slovenia, which is relatively Slovenian-speaking😛. I’m eager to introduce new guests, new interests and occupations, and I’m looking forward to the future of the series.


With that, I think I’ve said all there was to say about the sheer ‘plan’ of my blog. Now to the technical stuff. As a student of multimedia, I think it’s important to know about how the information is passed from one point to another – in this case from me to anyone who happens to read this blog. I’m planning to work on that through summer holidays – the plan is to get a web domain and code my very own website theme, so I can use it as a basis for my blog.

CSS code to help me style my website

I’m keen to see where this blog will take its directions, and I have to thank every single reader of it. Thanks again, and be sure to subscribe to the email list, if you haven’t yet😉.

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