How Instagram stories are hurting your relationships

Posting stories on social media is fun and we all love sharing our life’s best moments with our friends, family, and others, less familiar social media followers. As there are many benefits of sharing your life through your phone’s camera lens, it is easy to overlook the downsides. I’m not telling you to completely abandon your favorite social media, and stop posting stories, but rather reconsider it – and take a closer look at the changes it is making to your everyday life.

Everyone likes posting Instagram stories

First, let’s put things in a bit of a perspective – in a week time, my grandma is celebrating her 80th birthday, What does that have to do with Instagram, you might ask? Nothing really, but also everything, if you put it in the right perspective.

Here’s the deal. We’ve decided to make grandma a photo album ‘book’, and for the last month, my family has joined forces to gather as many photographs of our family as possible and unite them in an album that will best capture our grandma’s life and our family. Besides having a lot of fun and getting the chance to see what’s come and gone and what we’ve been through, I thought of something that has long been forgotten.

Don’t bother making a million photographs

First, let’s talk about photographs – shot on film, or digital, which came even before the PC, the photos weren’t really that great, and any today’s smartphone could make a better photo. But at the time, no one really cared. All it mattered was making memories – you would buy film, which was limited to about 36 exposures, and you would certainly make sure that on every shot was something you would remember for the rest of your life.

Nowadays, the philosophy of making photographs has shifted to a more consumerist one – we want good ones, and a lot of them. In the present, this concept works perfectly, but in the long run, I’m not so sure. Down below, I’ve linked a video of Johnny Harris, which is about how you can effectively remember your life through photos. His idea is to delete the photos that you don’t need or ones that are the same photo you’ve shot twenty times – essentially leaving you photos that best capture your life, same as we once did.

The more social media aspect of this would be the posting of photos on your social media, especially as stories. By preparing the photographs for the grandma’s album, we had a lot of fun looking at them, remembering together and discussing what it used to be like and where we’ve come. And to top it all of, I hardly recall the last time I looked at an Instagram story or discussed it with a friend. By posting a story, you instantly get a lot of responses, but they rarely lead to actual conversations about how the photo was made, or what it was like at the time – how it felt to be there.

Show the photo to a friend! 🙂

Posting stories has changed the way we communicate our life and how we share it with the people around us. I think we’re all succumbed to this aspect of social media, and we fail to realize the ways in which it is changing the real, social world around us. So perhaps the next time when you think of posting an Instagram story, stop for a minute, take a look at the photograph, and think about showing it to your nearest friend instead.

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