Why you should consider starting a blog

Finally, a Sunday afternoon – a time at the end of the weekend, when I write most of my blog posts. It is a time when I can reflect upon what I have done the past week, and usually feel most inspired to write about it. But this week was different.

Possibly because I had to take a break before the exam period at my faculty, or because I’m just nervously waiting for the summer holidays – I literally had nothing to write about. I felt completely uninspired and thought about what I have done in the past week or so. Nothing worthy of a blog post, that’s for sure.

Thinking about skipping this week’s blog post, which is, in no way weekly (I just like to keep the spirit going 🙂), I felt a bit discouraged. Most of the time, I can’t wait to write posts, and there is a certain rush to write everything you have to say before you forget anything. Each week, my head is full of ideas which I want to communicate through the keyboard and make blog posts about – and I asked myself what made that difference today.

Feeling the rush to write your ideas before you forget them

Blogging demands a lot of time, and that’s not just the writing. You have to think of what to write about, and I would say that takes ninety-percent of the time. For sure, it’s not easy to only think of good ideas. Many of those which actually make it to the point where I can write a post about them, are just thoughts at first, and get their full message through writing. For other ideas, I already have a picture of what the post is going to be like, and I just have to write it.

What inspired today’s article about why you should think of beginning your very own blog was the fact that nothing gave me the inspiration to write my own this week. A beautiful thing about blogging is that in order to write, you have to first go somewhere, do something, and have an experience. And you might say that then comes the boring part, the writing. Actually, it is right the opposite – I think it’s a great way to reflect and make a decision of what you want to remember, what you want to write and what you want to communicate. You get to chose every aspect of it – the words, the lines, the photos, and even the little puns that make no one laugh – essentially make it your own.

Why I would recommend you to start a blog or a journal (public or personal, however you want it), is because it is a great measure of living. If you find yourself in a situation when you don’t find the time to write, that’s an indicator that you should probably slow down. On the other hand, having nothing to write means you should go out more and involve yourself in experiences you’ll want to write about.

Organizing your writing as a measure of your everyday experience

Hopefully, this week’s post isn’t an indicator that I should go out more, but rather just a sign of burning up from school work (which essentially implies the same thing). I hope it serves as a reminder that everyone should keep some sort of a balance between working, and taking time off – which inspires us to work more creatively and at the end of the day, more efficiently. I hope it inspires you to one day start your own blog (and view your experiences from a different perspective), and if you’re a company – to reconsider your work ethic.


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