Cycling update: Beginning of this year’s cycling season

With the beginning of the exam period and just a week before the start of summer holidays, I decided to do a more relaxing post – a bit of a cycling update, and a look at the start of this year’s cycling season.

On Friday, I and my dad decided to take a bike trip to Nace, a place just below Lubnik – a hill rising 1025 meters above sea level, with about 400 meters of elevation. The small cottage under Lubnik is a place beloved among cyclists, with a road curving up with a steady gradient of around 10%.

Cows on the top of the climb

We started the trip in Kranj and rode on the flats of Sorško polje (Sora field) to Škofja Loka, a medieval town situated ten kilometers from Kranj. We rode through the old town and soon arrived at the base of the climb.

The climb was steady and not too hard to pedal up – so we began pedaling faster until it became a sort of a father-son race. A few years before, we actually attended a cycling race to Lubnik together, and both got a solid time of about twenty-one minutes. The best cyclists were able to reach a time of just below twenty minutes – which meant we were in good condition.

Descent back into the valley

This time, we arrived at the top in about twenty-six minutes, which isn’t bad for a week of training I’ve done after I finished my college classes, so I’m quite happy with my current stamina. Lastly, we descended back into the valley of Poljanska dolina, and went for some ice cream in Škofja Loka, after which we returned home in a time-trial cycling fashion.

I can’t wait for the summer holidays and longer, more exciting bike trips I’ll be able to do – and share some of them on my blog through cycling updates like this one. If you liked it, be sure to subscribe for the email list 🙂.

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