A visit to the Triglav National Park, and a beautiful hike around Lake Bohinj

Just after I posted the previous article, in which I wrote about diving in Lake Bohinj, a good friend and blogger himself, Martin (who was also the first guest in the Bring Three series) called and asked if I wanted to visit Bohinj again with a couple of friends, this time, for a whole week. I thought about it for a second, and then, of course, replied: “Sure, let’s go!😃”

Savica brook

We rented an apartment in Bohinjska Bistrica, a small tourist village about 7 kilometers from the Bohinj Lake. The plan for the week was to go for a swim, maybe hike, and mostly play board games and watch series due to the weather forecast, which mostly predicted rain. But luckily enough, the weather turned out to be really quite the opposite.

Lake Bohinj

The first two days were a bit cloudy, so we went swimming and tried not to wander off too far. However, the rest of our stay was sunny, with a few clouds, but no rain. So the next day, we drove a bus to Ribčev Laz and walked along the lake to hop on another bus, which drove us to the beginning of the lake, the Savica waterfall. From there, we started our hike back to where we started, but with a small twist – we would return across the mountains rather than the lake’s shore.

Black Lake

From the Savica brook below the waterfall, which sits at about 526 meters (same as the lake), we ascended up to the Black Lake, the lowest lying lake of the Triglav lakes sitting at about 1319 meters of elevation. From there, the path led us to the Viševnik pasture, the highest point on our way (1600 meters of elevation), from which we descended to Planina pri Jezeru (Pasture at the Lake), where we visited another mountain lake.

Planina pri Jezeru (Pasture at the Lake)


Soon, we arrived at the last pasture on our way, and also the most awaited one, as we decided to have lunch there – the Vogar pasture. There, we visited Kosijev dom (Kosi’s home), where we ordered ‘ajdovi žganci’ (buckwheat spoonbread) and sour milk, a true herder’s feast. We also visited the nearby viewpoint and took some stunning landscape photographs of the Bohinj Lake (featured image of this post). With a bit of rest and a full stomach, we descended back down to the lake and went for some swimming to cool off and relax. 

‘Ajdovi žganci’ (Buckwheat Spoonbread)
Tim, Matevž, me and Martin (and another Matevž who took the photo)

All and all, it was a great hiking day, with the temperatures just right, and great company to keep the spirit up. We walked for over 16 kilometers and completed above 1000 meters of elevation. The next day, we took some rest, and for our last day, packed our bags and visited Lake Bled on the way back. There, we had quite a bit of fun jumping into the water and also dared to swim to its famous island with a church on it, despite it being quite far.

The Vogar pasture stamp

Lastly, we returned home and visited a local restaurant, where we ordered some pizza, and then said goodbye till our next adventure.


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