The Audemars Piquet Royal Oak in ‘Dark Prismarine’

For the third re-edition of watch redesigns and dial changes, I picked a watch designed by one of the most famous watch designers of all time, Gerald Genta. Designed and popularized in the 1970s, the Royal Oak remains the flagship model of the brand – Audemars Piquet up to this day and is considered by many to also be their savior.

The angular industrial looking case coupled with screws and bracelet links, combined with the iconic ‘tapisserie’ dial is what made this watch different from anything else out in the market. The 70s were the time of the quartz crisis – luxury Swiss watch brands were nearing extinction due to an increase in affordable battery-powered watches. With the introduction of the Royal Oak model, the brand’s sales sky-rocketed, and the model is now considered to have saved the company from bankruptcy.

The Royal Oak in ‘Dark Prismarine’

Simply because of its well-defined design, this watch rarely gets a real update apart from featuring a few different complications. Ironically, the brand is annually ridiculed for reintroducing the same model over and over again by changing the dial only. This doesn’t really surprise me, in fact, why would they want to change something that’s proven to have worked for the last forty years. For a well-established Swiss brand, such changes in design are a reasonable choice, and so far, it appears to be the right one.

For my part in the redesign, I did exactly the same – changed the dial. I thought their line up was missing a green but was soon proven right the opposite, they had it. However, my idea of green was on a slightly different lane of the spectrum. I imagined a more blueish green on the classic model, rather than the existing perpetual calendar they offer in dark green.

Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Moonphase in Dark Green

Funny enough, if you ever played the game Minecraft, you might have seen a block which reminds of the Royal Oak’s ‘tapisserie’ dial. It’s called ‘Dark Prismarine’ and features the exact color palette I wanted for my concept. It’s a cool name, so I decided to use it for the name of this dial color.

I love the way this color captures the palette of wavelengths you see underwater. Despite not being a dive watch and only water-resistant to thirty meters, the dial reminds of those exact greens you’ll see when you go diving. If you happen to miss out on such adventures, but are interested to see about them, be sure to check out my article on diving in Lake Bohinj. Comment your thoughts on this very watch and have a look under the design category if you want to see more watch redesigns like this one.


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