Why I won’t focus on personal branding

For the past month, I’ve gone through quite a bit of trial and error that comes with trying to build your very own website theme – which I would use for my blog later on when I’d switch to a custom domain. Besides the technical difficulties I encountered, I also thought about changing the name from M. Breznik’s Blog to something simpler, which could, possibly, make the website more accessible.

But funny enough, this week, I also read an article about developing personal brands and what you can do instead to make your website, or any product, more recognizable.

Nowadays, there are numerous websites and businesses which are trying to achieve the same goal – they want to be reached by a greater number of people. Since it’s not a surprise that I was trying to do the same thing with my blog, I thought about assets I had that others didn’t.

Usually, a brand or corporation consists of a number of people who each have a very specific role that they ought to accomplish. Furthermore, the company has a greater goal that can only be pursued if every single employee does their job to the extent they’re required. The greater the number of employees and the more qualified they are lead to greater tasks the company can take.

On the other hand, I’m the only person in this ‘company’. There are no CEO’s, marketing officers or PR consultants. If you imagine that the company’s goal requires a certain amount of time, that time gets divided based on how many employees the company has and their given productivity. In turn, it’s a lot harder if not impossible for me to achieve a goal similar to one of a major publishing company.

Now let’s return back to brands trying to reach more people. Nowadays, everyone can have their own personal brand – using Facebook pages, Instagram business profiles, etc. It’s never been easier to establish a brand than now when it’s at the tip of your fingers. With the increasing number of personal brands and only a finite number of people – consumers, we are starting to fall short on time. Scrolling through the web, or watching YouTube videos, ads are starting to steal our lives, a few seconds at a time. 

One of the tips in the article I read was to focus on your individuality instead, and perhaps not even bother with picking a name for the brand. Since there are probably a number of brands that are very similar to what you do, you can focus on aspects in which you differ from one another.

And while a brand does accomplish a goal and focuses on a specific task or offer, it diminishes freedom for its creators. For example, if I had a blog that focuses on nutrition, I couldn’t just post an article I wrote about PVC pollution. While I don’t think brands are necessarily a bad thing, I simply can’t devote all of my time to one specific topic.

When starting out as an author, especially at this age, there really shouldn’t be anyone telling you to narrow your focus. If you write about a specific topic, and one day feel like writing about something completely different, that really shouldn’t be keeping you from writing a great article, especially if it’s just your hobby.

So if I write about many different things, what will happen to my audience? Besides those who find your articles online by search engines, there will always be blog followers who come to read the article because they’re interested in what you write. The second kind of audience also needs to invest less time to comprehend your content, because they’re already familiar with your interests and preconceived notions.

If you ever read a National Geographic magazine, you probably chose to read an article whose title caught your attention first. But when you eventually got to the remaining articles you found out a lot of new stuff, which you didn’t expect to learn, especially about topics that don’t interest you directly. Despite different topics and authors, none of the articles wasted your time – and at the end of the day, you were glad to have read it.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve with my blog, and I hope that not picking a personal brand or narrowing my focus will help me to achieve my goal.

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