You’re an entrepreneur, so start acting like one

“He who knows does, he who doesn’t know, teaches.” – I know the phrase, and if I had already made it myself, I probably wouldn’t be writing this exact article. But nevertheless, I decided to write it, as I feel like I have a lot of ideas, but simply lack the time or money to realize them. So this is rather just a message to myself, and anyone who is trying to improve as well in accomplishing their goals.

Leading ideas from your head to an actual outcome takes a lot of energy and presents itself with a lot of room for error. That’s why it’s important to make a good plan ahead of realizing your idea, not to waste your energy, time and money. So I made a simple list that you can follow when you want to realize your idea – to help you reach your goal and maximize the outcome.

A good plan is essential not to waste energy, time and money.
  • Set up your goal

First, it’s really important to ask yourself what goal you want to reach and determine whether the goal requires a long-term commitment or can be accomplished more quickly. When the goal is specified, you’ll want to focus solely on achieving that goal, which we are going to break down in the next steps.

  • Come up with ideas

Next, you have to think about how you will reach the goal – depending on the goal, there can be many different ways of achieving it, and it’s up to you to find the best one. The way to reach the goal can be chosen upon the difficulty of the process, time consumption, required finance or other.

Brainstorm ideas of how you’re going to reach the goal.
  • Make a plan

Now you have to define how you are going to reach the goal. The process in which you move from your current state to your desired state can be broken down into smaller parts – they all matter, and the way you divide your effort across the areas can largely affect your achievement.

  • Gather resources

When your plan is complete, it’s time to get everything necessary in order to start accomplishing – get yourself a team (unless you work on the goal alone), search for sponsors, buy the necessary equipment and conduct research for potential buyers. Essentially, you want to have everything at hand when it comes to beginning the work process.

Gather the team and equipment that will help you reach your goal.
  • Start achieving

Now that you have everything prepared, you can finally start moving on with progress – follow the plan that you have made at the start, find out what works and reconsider what doesn’t. In the end, if you have compiled the plan correctly, you have to achieve the goal that you set up, or at least move closer to achieving it.

  • Reflect on the process

Last but not least is a step that is often overlooked, as we think the process it’s already over, either because of our achievement, or failure. However, this is where we can gain a lot, and give ourselves a headstart in future projects, where we won’t repeat the same mistakes. So reflect on fields where you were successful, and search for areas in which you need improvement. Make a list and just by specifying them, you’ll know what to watch out for next time.

  • Repeat

Regardless of whether your project was successful or not, you gain knowledge from it. If you continue to develop ideas and start new projects, you will improve, and every project will be better than the previous one.

That’s it for a guide on how to realize an idea, and though each step could be broken down into a whole chapter, I wanted to keep it simple and organized, so it’s there anytime you want to look it up. I hope this article helps you spark your ideas and realize them to the best possible outcome.


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