Gorizia Hills Through The Lens Of A Phone

Recently, me and my friends packed our bags and decided to visit the Gorizia Hills for one last trip before the start of the winter semester. The plan was to not have a plan at all, and just visit the villages surrounding the apartment we had rented – and boy there was a lot to see. 

By the time of our arrival, we had already gathered some information about the nearby sites – and most importantly, food and drinks. Surrounded by vines and great local restaurants, there surely wasn’t room for hunger. We visited some of the best places with local food, and even visited a winery – where we learned about what makes a great wine, and how it is produced.

I was excited to be visiting the Gorizia Hills, as it’s a great place for photography, with scenic landscape and mediterranean architecture. I packed my camera, but rarely used it throughout the trip. I found it easier to just take photos with my phone, which is always in my pocket. 

I also decided to edit my photos on the phone, as it was just more convenient, and learned that phone cameras have become much more capable compared to what they could capture in the past. The exposure and colors are easily editable, which is a surprise considering the fact that I have a consumer grade phone. The more expensive phones nowadays must have even better sensors, which makes me wonder what those phones are capable of. 

To put that into perspective, some commercials and music videos – for example Selena Gomez’s Lose You To Love Me were actually shot on an iPhone. Of course they use professional rigs and additional lenses, but are already able to compete with industry standards, which is quite impressive.

Now, let’s let the photos tell the story about the trip.

Friend Gal
Local basketball court
Medana village
House interior in Slapnik, an abandoned village
Press for making olive oil
Ščurek winery wine cellar
Wine tasting at Škurek’s winery
Rooftop filled with rainwater
Štanjel town
Town square
Ferrari Garden in Štanjel
Extra: My hometown

I hope these photographs set an example of what can be done with solely with your phone’s built in camera. I learned a lot about photography through this trip, and started to look at it from a new perspective – you have to use what you got, and make most of it.

I hope you liked this short article, and be sure to comment your thoughts on shooting with a phone instead of a camera. Thank you for reading, and till next time,


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